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Technical Description

Key points

  • Energy range 20 < E < 500 KeV
  • Beam sizes from 0.3 µm to 8 mm

Overall layout

The ID15 straight section houses a complex of beam lines, with two canted branches. This web site is dedicated to the ID15A branch, which houses the materials chemistry (EH3) and materials engineering (EH2) facilities. The ID15B branch houses a high pressure beam line (EH1), which is described elsewhere. The overall layout is shown below:


X-ray source

Upon resuming user opertion in 2020, ID15A will house two new insertion devices. One is a compact wiggler source W76, which provides a continuous spectrum up to several hundred keV for materials engineering applications in EH2. The spectrum of this device, compared to that of the former wiggler source, is shown below.

The primary insertion device will be a CPMU18 undulator, which provides brilliant x-rays in the range 20 -140 keV for materials chemistry applications in EH3. A comparison of the performance of the ID15A sources before and after the upgrade is shown below, illustrating the significant flux increase, particularly at high energy.