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Checklist: Prepare for a Visit

For the main proposer

  • Invitation Letter received with dates of experimental session
  • Safety Letter received (yellow, red experiments only)
  • All participants have user accounts in ESRF database
  • At least one fluent English-speaking scientist participates in the experiment onsite
  • Participants who should receive a financial support from the ESRF have completed the reimbursement information (private address and bank details) in their user account
  • A Form completed (with airport form requested if transporting samples home in person) and submitted (the names of ALL participants have been correctly submitted with appropriate requests for arrangements). Note: any modified/updated A Form must be re-submitted.
  • Safety requirements reviewed
  • Risk Analysis Form sent (if requested by Safety Group)
  • Sample shipping requirements reviewed
  • Equipment shipping requirements reviewed
  • Laboratory request form(s) completed (chemistry, etc.), if necessary
  • Sample sheets added to session
  • All team members approved for site entry (check the status of the site entrance authorization of users: tab "Proposals/Experiments" -> "A Form" -> "View")

For users

  • Reimbursement details (private address and bank details) entered in user account of users who will claim the reimbursement of expenses)
  • Visa support document requested ("Convention d'Accueil")
  • Visa support document received ("Convention d'Accueil")
  • Visa requested
  • Visa received
  • Insurance forms requested for temporary affiliation to France (EU residents only)
  • Insurance forms received (EU residents only)
  • Adequate insurance in place
  • Special medical conditions considered (e.g. pacemaker, pregnancy)
  • Safety training completed through User Portal
  • Personal electronic "User and safety declaration form" validated through User Portal
  • Site entry approved (shown on A Form): check via User account: tab "Proposals/Experiments" -> "A Form" -> "View"
  • Cash in euros (for vending machines)
  • IMPORTANT: Before leaving, CHECK the status of the site entrance authorisation, via the user account ("Proposals/Experiments", "A Form" -> View)
  • Identity document to be presented at site entrance:


A valid passport, a valid national identity card  (i.e. not expired) or a valid driving licence are the ONLY acceptable form of identification for all those wishing to access the EPN site, even for French nationals. Please ensure that you have valid identification with you.