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Remote Experiments on Non Structural Biology Beamlines


Remote Experiments on Non Structural Biology Beamlines

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The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a number of operational constraints that have to be applied to ESRF users and staff alike. The need for social distancing, as well as potential travel restrictions for users due to regulations adopted by the various national authorities and/or users’ institutions, have led to a preference for “remote” experiments over the coming months. In a remote experiment, samples are made available to the concerned ESRF beamline staff and the experiment is carried out via remote communication between the users and the local contact.

The workflow for remote experiments is significantly different from what you are used to for onsite experiments. To help you prepare, organise and run your experiment, we have created an information page for Remote Experiments on Non Structural Biology Beamlines. This webpage covers the new aspects of the workflow, such as: creating the sample sheets for your proposal, filling in your A Form, sending your "Remote experiment protocol", declaring your shipment (samples and equipment) in the new tracking system, and more. We invite you to read through this webpage to prepare your experiment (link below):

Access the non MX Remote Experiments webpage here