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Restart of ESRF Extremely Brillant Source - Webinar by ESRF Directors on 2nd June 2020


The ESRF Extremely Brilliant Source starts User Service Mode on 25 August 2020

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On 2nd June, the ESRF Directors presented an update of the ESRF-EBS future strategy and planned activities to the user community, via a Webinar and via the ESRF YouTube channel. Over 1500 users tuned into the Webinar and more than 500 users have visited the YouTube video.


  • Status of the ESRF, advances in the ESRF-EBS programme and return to USM”,
    Francesco Sette, Director General – 10’
  • Bringing the EBS storage ring to operation”,
    Pantaleo Raimondi, Director of the Accelerator & Source Division – 10’
  • Update on the beamline restart and commissioning plans” and “ Restart of USM”,
    Harald Reichert (10’) and Jean Susini (10’), respectively, Directors of Research

If you missed the Webinar, the presentations are available in the YouTube video :