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All those used to reading the ESRF Newsletter will find it difficult to recognise the latest issue, which has just been published. The extensive changes in the presentation, however, do not alter the spirit of the ESRF magazine, which aims to offer a general insight into the latest research.

Newsletter 38, click to download the on-line version (pdf, 3 mb)

Newsletter 38 (pdf, 3 mb)

The new format of the Newsletter includes new sections such as "Interview", "Visiting a beamline" (article on one of the beamlines), "Gallery of events" (articles on workshops and seminars) and also "Science & Society" on the back cover (to highlight events that link science with the general public). The main features in this issue range from scientific articles to news for users or an article about night-time at the ESRF. The cover highlights an experiment on Renaissance pottery, which took place on BM08 and showed that craftsmen of that period already made nanoparticles. The renovated Newsletter keeps some sections from the former structure, namely the editorial - this time focused on the ESRF links to EIROforum and the European Research Area, written by Bill Stirling, the Director General. It also maintains the selected scientific highlights and news from the CRGs. If you are interested in receiving a printed copy, contact The Press Officer indicating your postal address. Visitors and staff can pick a paper copy up from office 539, in the Central Building. There is also a version on-line in pdf format: Newsletter 38 (pdf, 3 mb).