The Chemistry Laboratory of the ESRF is a multi-purpose scientific and technical laboratory located on the 1st floor of the Science Building enabling ambitious research projects, addressing challenges in chemistry, environmental science, geology, solid state physics etc. 
Built in 1994, the laboratory facilities offer techniques and equipment in order to prepare or complete the synchrotron beamline experiments. 
The laboratory has been conceived and equipped in full compliance with ecological and environmental principles, such as the use of membrane pumps where possible, solvent recovery and compensated fume cupboards. The use of mercury has been completely banned.

Access to the Chemistry Lab 

Please note that the proper preparation of a given experiment is solely your responsibility. The local contact designated for your experiment is the person who coordinates your requests and makes pertinent arrangements for your experiment on site. In case your experiment requires hands-on support from the Chemistry Lab, you are kindly requested to get in touch with lab staff as early as possible. (contact the chemistry lab staff).

User access to the Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Laboratory is accessible to all users after having completed a few formalities prior to use.

At least 15 working days before the start date of your experiment, please provide detailed information on:

(1) Intended manipulations at the laboratory (give relevant key-words or a concise description)

(2) Chemicals/equipment/consumables needed (please be as precise as possible in terms of volumes and specifications required, (e.g. "15cl ethanol" rather than "some ethanol").

Any "Risk Analysis" or "Description of Experimental Set-up” already sent to the Safety Group is irrelevant for answering (1) and (2).


You also need to fill out the "User Declaration Form: Use of the Chemistry Lab" (doc format or pdf format). This form has to be completed and signed by the appropriate person (one form per affiliation), please return it duly filled in and signed at least 15 days before the starting date of the experimental work:
- to the User Office: for experiments on ESRF beamlines
- to the CRG Office: for experiments on CRG beamlines

Please indicate clearly on the form the period during which you need the laboratory. Complete information is required before any access to the lab can be authorised.

The decision on whether or not unattended access to the lab can be permitted rests with the lab staff.

Provision of chemicals and gases

Chemicals for a scheduled experiment can be ordered via the lab, provided the products are available from a supplier with a rapid delivery service (MERCK, THERMOFISHER, CARL ROTH). Please specify clearly the required quantities and purities and allow a sufficient delivery time.

The ordering and transportation of gas-bottle has to be arranged by your local contact.

Intervention of lab staff outside of normal working hours

This may be necessary for certain manipulations in inert atmosphere and for particularly hazardous experiments. In such cases, make sure you clarify the availability of staff sufficiently in advance of your arrival.