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A nanosecond modular laser system (Vibrant from Opotek/Quantel) is currently in the commissioning phase. It consists of a Q-Switched Nd:YAG oscillator. Its output can be  frequency doubled and tripled and the wavelength can be continuously tuned with three different OPO modules.
It runs at a frequency of 9 Hz triggered by the synchrotron bunch clock.

View of the nanosecond system(197 kB)

It is a all-in-one-box system and can be controlled by a computer.


pulse duration 5 ns
timing jitter < 0.5 ns
repetition rate 0 - 10 Hz
Pulse energy at 532 nm 110 mJ
Pulse energy at 355 nm 100 mJ
Pulse energy at 266 nm 40 mJ
OPO range 1 410 - 690 nm
OPO pulse energy 20 - 35 mJ
OPO range 2  300 - 380 nm
OPO pulse energy 1 - 3 mJ
OPO range 3  
OPO pulse energy